Advent Calendar #22 Baleia Erhard Pinot Noir Single Vineyard 2014…

Advent Calendar #22 Baleia Erhard Pinot Noir Single Vineyard 2014

As we draw closer to the end of my Advent Calendar #22 is the Baleia Erhard Pinot Noir Single Vineyard 2014 Baleia is situated at Riversdal. The soils are limestone rich. The vine rows are planted in a northwest south east direction at a density of about 3333 vines per hectare. They are trellised on the grandly monikered 7 wire Perold system.

Pinot Noir Grapes, ripening on the vine

The grapes were harvested in two passes. Once in the cellar they were destemmed and crush. The fermentation, using Burgundian Yeast strains, took place over 3 weeks. The mash was pressed directly into 225 litre French oak barrels of which 10% were new.  Malolactic fermentation took place naturally in the barrels.  24 months of rest took place before the wine was prepared for bottling.

From a Burgundy shaped bottle under a natural cork closure with an elegant livery reminiscent of old Portuguese blue and white tiles. In the glass, a little less translucent which one may expect, but a deep bloodplum red at the core which pales to cherry garnet as it approaches the glass. Fynbos herbs, red berries and mulberries on the nose. From entry, the dark cherries, plum and petrichor [earthy smells after rain] fill the mouth and all weave together with the tannins, the oak and its concomitant spices.

Beef Carpaccio, invented by Arrigo Cipriani of Harry’s Bar in Venice

Do chill this wine before serving – it just adds to the drinking pleasure. It is the wine of two iconic Burgundy dishes, Coq au Vin and Beef Bourguignon. Seared Tuna, Tuna Ceviche or Beef Carpaccio would also be great partners. On your Christmas Table is will go perfectly with a deboned, stuffed and rolled Turkey.

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