Asara MCC Brut 2015, good with one of Justine Wall’s Parmesan Pecan Swirls…

Asara MCC Brut 2015

Part of Asara Wine Estate’s Speciality Range, the Asara MCC Brut 2015 is a wine for which you don’t need a celebration. It is truly an any time wine.  For a mid-morning refresher, it is perfect, as a wine to take you through lunch, as a sundowner or an aperitif before dinner, or indeed any other time, it is happily received.

An Owl Box in the Asara Vineyards – owls keep down the rodent population

Made up of 62% Chardonnay and 38% Pinot Noir grown on the Estate in the Polkadraai Hills the grapes come from 15-year-old vines planted on west facing vineyards. Here sunlight is continual, yet indirect which means slower ripening and thus more flavours in the grapes and in the final wine. Hand harvested at perfect ripeness the bunches are chilled overnight and then bunch sorted and gently whole bunch pressed to extract only the finest juice. Harvesting takes place at different times in the ideal ripeness window in order to expand the flavours. An even handed 9 tons is taken off each hectare. This is then fermented and blended. A special yeast and a touch of sugar to nourish it is added and the bottle is capped with a crown cork to undergo the classical 6-week second fermentation which provides not only the finest of bubbles but added flavours, which are then added to by lying on its lees for a further year. The wine is then riddled and disgorged, the special champagne cork put in and closed with a little wire muzzle to hold the cork in place. The wine is then labelled and ready for market.

Chardonnay & Pinot Noir at harvesting

From a traditional Champagne shaped bottle under natural cork. Elegantly labelled and the top covered in gold foil. In the glass, the pale golden straw-coloured wine is filled with the tiniest of bubbles rushing helter skelter to the surface where they for a crown around the edges. Whenever I taste the Asara MCC Brut 2015, I am happily surprised by the wonderful Granny Smith apple aromas and flavours. The flavours of citrus refresh and the fresh baked brioche toastiness adds to the interest. Elegant, crisp ending, just begging you to take another sip.

Justine Wall’s Parmesan Pecan Swirls

Traditionally one thinks of oysters when one thinks of MCC. Or fat pink prawns dipped into aioli. If it is before a meal, or in the late afternoon Justine Wall’s Parmesan Pecan Swirls are the perfect little foil to this fine bubbly. Click here for her recipe.

Justine Wall with a basket of saladings

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