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KWV Cruxland Gin

Very exciting when this KWV Cruxland Gin was launched a couple of years ago, becoming the first Craft Gin to be infused with the legendary Kalahari Truffle, Pieter de Bod, KWV’s Master Distiller infused the Kalahari Truffle and 8 botanicals, including of course Juniper Berries to make this London Gin. In the making, the botanicals are steeped in the spirit before the distillation process takes place. Pieter uses grape spirit.

Pieter de Bod, KWV Master Distiller

The KWV has recently appeared in a new release as a French Oak matured gin. A lovely pale colour being added as well as the flavours of the previously filled barrels.

The Limited Edition, finished in French Oak Barrels

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