Advent Calendar #19 2018…

7 Springs Syrah Rosé, my Advent Calendar #19 Rosé

7 Springs Vineyard is owned by British couple Tim and his wife, Vaughan Pearson. The vineyard, a premium wine producer, is on the R320 Hemel en Aarde Valley Road, between the well-known seaside town of Hermanus and the spa and casino town of Caledon, in the picturesque Western Cape. The vineyard has Shaw’s Mountain to the north and the Teslaarsdal Mountain Range to the south, with Walker Bay and the Atlantic Ocean beyond these mountains, so a beneficial marine climate.  The soils which are shale derived, known locally as Bokkeveld Shale, gives the Noble variety vines the potential to produce exceptional grapes from both north and south facing vineyards. Chardonnay, Sauvignon Blanc, Syrah and Pinot Noir, have been planted to express the full potential of each variety.

Tim Pearson – 7 Springs Owner

The 7 Springs Syrah Rosé 2018 is made from Syrah grapes grown on the estate. The wine is made in exactly the same way as a white wine with a short time of soaking of the skins in the juice to create the colour. Cool fermentation and bottling while the wine is fresh and young creates a frisky summer wine, so perfect on its own or with summery food.

Vaughan Pearson – 7 Springs Owner

From a clear glass Burgundy shaped bottle under screw cap. The label is classic 7 Springs, elegant, simple and showing the logo very clearly just below the neck. The aromas are of fresh fruits, red berries and ripe greengage plums. The palate from entry has a golden thread of acidity running through it right through to the long and satisfying aftertaste. Almost crunchy watermelon and roadside brambles in season now on the roadways and hedgerow of the Cape.

Anina Meyer’s Beetroot Hummus with Crudités – Rainbow on a plate

As a glass on its own, it is all class, crisp refreshing, perfect for mid-morning or a summery lunch under a leafy pergola. Great sundown sipper too. As a pre-dinner snack Anina Meyer’s Beetroot Hummus with Crudités is a great partner to the . Easy to prepare, won’t break the budget. Click here for her recipe.

Anina Meyer –  recipe developer, blogger, food stylist, photographer, cook, baker & entertainer

7 Springs has a recently constructed Winery, the wines having been made of site previously. A new winemaker will take the 2019 vintage to great heights.

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