Advent Calendar #11 2018…

Douglas Green Spanish Cream Sherry, a wine from my Advent Calendar #11 2018

My craze for Sherry started as a child when my father used to by Sherry as part of his KWV quota each year. I then visited Jerez in Southern Spain in late 1968 and was a totally committed fan for life. Douglas Green, the negociant, who founded his eponymous company in 1942, would be so thrilled that the company is using Sherry from its home town.  The Douglas Green Cream Sherry is produced from Palomino and Pedro Ximénez grapes and is made by master Sherry makers in Jerez using the traditional methods.

Old Botanical Print 0f Pedro Ximénez Grapes

From a classical Sherry bottle with a T shaped natural cork closure. The labelling is new and very elegant. In the glass, a rich amber coloured Cream Sherry. The wine is made using the flor yeast and is aged in oak barrels in the traditional Criadera and Solera Methods. The aromas are rich and round, nutty, and whiffs of smoky soft sun-dried fruits. The palate is a joy. Full and creamy from entry, filling the mid palate, satin smooth with a lovely little sweet fynbos honey twist at the long ending.

Ina Paarman’s Buttermilk Cake

Sherry is an ‘any time’ wine. Chilled, it is a lovely glass mid-morning or watching the sun go down or as an aperitif when served with roasted salted almond. Or indeed a slice of vanilla Pound Cake. Perfect with a smooth duck liver paté on crisp Melba Toast. Lovely with a curried soup made from carrot, pumpkin or butternut. Trifle, for me, is the perfect place in which to use generous amounts of the Douglas Green Spanish Cream Sherry. Ina Paarman’s Buttermilk Cake is a great partner. Click here for her recipe.

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Old Road French Quarter White Blend 2016, a wine from my Advent Calendar #11 2018

A serious and stunning blend of grapes grown in The Franschhoek Wine Appellation, the Old Road French Quarter White Blend 2016 is made up of grapes whose origins are in Southern France, Bordeaux and Portugal. The blend, 29% Roussanne; 21% Marsanne; 21% Grenache Blanc; 20% Semillon; 6% Verdelho & 3% Viognier. A sum of many, with the wine being greater than each of its parts.

Here is a wine which is a serious sipper, and perfect as an aperitif for a meal.

Roussanne Grapes, lovely russet grapes

From a Burgundy shaped bottle, closed under screw cap. The label is elegant and old worldy in appearance. In the glass, a gem bright pale gold. The notes which came with the wine are these, and I agree, ‘Marsanne starts off with a mouth-watering tropical fruit splash of white pear and melon, followed by a fresh burst of citrus – orange peel and ruby grape- fruit – when it meets Roussanne, then a hint of lime from Semillon. Grenache Blanc ties it all together with a fragrant aroma, tangy acidity and juicy aftertaste. A true pleasure ride of flavour and drinkability, this vivacious wine should be enjoyed wherever the festive vibe takes you, that is, wherever an experience is to be sipped, savoured and remembered.’

Ina Paarman’s Whole Fish over the Coals

Serve well chilled as a sundown sipper. Perfect with summery salads, cold poached seafood and just so special with Ina Paarman’s Whole Fish over the Coals. Click here for her recipe.

Old Road French Quarter Red Blend 2015, a wine from my Advent Calendar #11 2018

A sublime blend of Mediterranean grapes, all grown in the Franschhoek Wine Appellation, the Old Road French Quarter Red Blend 2015 is a child of one of the great vintages of this century. Big flavours, big presence and great with food. The blend is made up of 55% Grenache Noir; 35% Syrah & 10% Mourvedre. I really enjoyed this wine and can’t really improve on the notes sent me by the winemaker. This is a wine you don’t forget easily.

Oh to have a taste of these, Ian Paarman with some Christmas Bakes

From a Burgundy shaped bottle under screw cap. The label echoes that of the white blend. In the glass, a dark ruby at the heart, which pales out to ruby garnet at the edges. The Old Road Winemaker says, ‘Grenache Noir is first out of the blocks with generous upfront fruit of blackberries, candied cherry and plums, while Mourvèdre adds juicy dark fruit and a savoury richness. Syrah flows onto the mix with soft, sweet pepper, cinnamon and cumin. All backed up by a slick mouthfeel and supple tannins.’ And a long and generous aftertaste.

Ina Paarman’s Aubergine & Lentil Moussaka

Chill the wine for 30 minutes in an ice bucket before serving. It is a very pleasant glass on its own while you are waiting for the braai fire to hit temperature. Great with food. Ina Paarman’s Aubergine and Lentil Moussaka is a fine Vegetarian match to the Old Road French Quarter Red Blend 2015. Click here for her recipe.

That’s, my Advent Calendar #11 2018!

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