Advent Calendar #10, Yonder Hill Danilo Rosé 2017, a blend of 2 red varieties….

Advent Calendar #10, Yonder Hill Danilo Rosé 2017

Abé Beukes is the winemaker at Yonder Hill.  A man of great experience in the 40 or so years I have known him, Lievland and Darling Cellar Wines being previous producers for whom he worked. At Yonder Hill, Abé makes a range of fine wines which I really enjoy drinking, the Sauvignon Blanc 2017 is a joy.  As is my Advent Calendar #10 wine, the Yonder Hill Danilo Rosé 2017.

Yonder Hill DaniloThe elegant large horned Ankole Cattle, a feature of a visit to Yonder Hill

A blend of 64% Merlot, the noble Bordeaux red grape and 36% Grenache Noir, known as a Common Grape Variety which is the most widely planted grape in the world, Spain, Sardinia and the Rhone. It loves hot dry climates. The Merlot is from the Yonder Hill Vineyards, while the Grenache Noir comes from their close neighbor Vriesenhof.

Abé Beukes enjoying a  glass of his red wine

Picked early to keep the sugar and therefore the resultant wine is low in alcohol. The wine is made in the same way as a fresh young white wine.  Skin contact was under an hour and the free run juice gave its lovely colour to the wine. The wine was prepared for bottling early to retain its lovely fruit.

Grenache Noir ripening on the vine

From a screw capped Burgundy shaped bottle with the elegant Yonder Hill etching. In the glass, it is a gem bright delicate cherry blossom pink. Whiffs of red berry fruits are followed by a delicate bodied, truly refreshing mouthful with a zippy tail.

A simple Kingklip Ceviche, sublime partner for the Danilo

Here is the perfect mid-morning sipper on a hot day. Made for crisp leaf salads and seafood, plump pink prawns with a buttery aioli, ceviche and smoked fish like cold smoked salmon, trout and hot smoked angelfish or snoek. Your cold Christmas Gammon will love this wine.

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