A Flagstone kind of week…….

bruce-jackBruce Jack, Flagstone’s Founder

This was for me an amazing Flagstone Week. I have been a huge fan of Bruce Jack’s food friendly wines for a long time. This week made me realise, yet again, that these wines should be part of our lives. The function also launched the new Flagstone Tasting Room at The Rockwell all suite Hotel in Green Point.

gerhard-swartGerhard Swart in the Flagstone Tasting Room
at  The Rockwell

Visitors to the Tasting Room are able to choose from over 22 wines in the Flagstone range. Each taster glass is a 100ml serving with pricing starting at R 10 per a glass.

Wine sales are made through an easy-to-use online portal. The helpful staff will walk you through the simple process, and the wines are conveniently delivered to your door within max 72hours. The Flagstone Tasting Room at The Rockwell Hotel is open daily from 11h00 to 20h00.

gerhardt-swart-flagstone-winemakerFlagstone’s Head Winemaker, Gerhard Swart

Bruce Jack, recently appointed Accolade’s Chief International Winemaker, with Flagstone’s Head Winemaker, Gerhard Swart presented an unusual tasting this week.  In the dark, with poetry and music. No chance to write tasting notes in the dark.

mike-hooleGuitarist Mike Hoole

Unusual and unique and certainly new for me and I suspect to the others who were there.  Bruce has a degree in English from St Andrew’s University. Not only does he write the most perfect English, he has also written and published volumes of poetry.  Bruce introduced each wine and read out a piece of poetry which he had written which he felt was appropriate to the wine, Gerhard told us about the wine, the lights went out and we tasted to the superb music of the Palm Strings, Mike Hoole on guitar and Titia Blake violin.  Interesting side issue, Bruce’s mother Elspeth taught Mike to play the guitar.

titia-blakeTitia Blake

Flagstone’s Head Winemaker, Gerhard Swart, talks of winemaking as a labour of love rather than a formalised, knowable equation. Each Flagstone wine has its own unique story, with evocative tales ranging from myths of flying dragons to a dark horse. Most noteworthy is that the inspiration for these award-winning wines comes from vastly different places. What is common to all of them is that the creative lights went on.

If you look at the bottles below, you will see that they have more medals on them than most bottles you’ve ever seen.  And every one worth it.  These are unique taste sensations.

The Wines Presented, and Flagstone’s notes:

flagstone-free-run-sauvignon-bancFlagstone Free Run Sauvignon Blanc 2015

The name Free Run comes from the method of using only the first, free flowing, ‘free run’ juice to make this wine. We’ve placed an ancient Celtic symbol representing the cycles and seasons on our bottle because we aspire to make wines that celebrate our unique climate and pay homage to our symbiotic interactions with the environment.

The Wine
Opening notes of green pepper, fig, star fruit and lime end with a distinctive, bright flintiness. An expression of the excellent climate and soil in which these grapes were grown, the complexity of this wine is expressed in a full, crisp and lively mouth-feel.

Music pairing – Mozart Rondo Alla Turka

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flagstone-treaty-tree-sauvignon-blanc-semillonFlagstone Treaty Tree Reserve White Sauvignon Blanc Semillon 2016
just look at the medals

We’re thoroughly inspired by our country, our history and our land. The Treaty Tree is an ancient, wind-sculpted Milkwood tree that has stood in the heart of Cape Town for centuries. It has witnessed so much of our past, including the signing of a peace treaty beneath its great boughs. We feel it symbolises the resilience of nature on the one hand and humanity’s striving for peace on the other. It also gives a proud nod to our 350-year-old winemaking heritage.

The Wine
An intriguing lime-coloured blend with aromas of asparagus, thyme, gooseberry and sweet melon. On the palate, expect notes of creamed honey, toasty vanilla and taut citrus. Pairing equally well with shellfish and linefish, or even a steak sandwich, its inherent power and structure are evident.

Music Pairing – Voshaarnooi ( Louis van Rensburg)

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flagstone-two-roads-chardonnayFlagstone Two Roads Chardonnay 2016

The Story
Our mantra at Flagstone has always been to take the road less travelled and to exercise a degree of respect when we challenge the status quo. Our reference to Robert Frost’s timeless poem encapsulates our dedication to creating something extraordinary. Gentle pressing and six months maturation in French and American oak ensure that the Two Roads Chardonnay retains freshness with the potential to cellar for up to five years.

The Wine
A floral nose of lemon blossom, bright citrus and hints of cinnamon. The palate reveals complex citrus and white peach, complemented by vanilla and a touch of cinnamon.

Music pairing – I’m a Believer…(Shrek)

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flagstone-dark-horse-shirazFlagstone Dark Horse Shiraz 2014

Shiraz grapes grow with an inherent wildness that cannot be tamed. Cautious farmers will mutter that nothing good can come from such an unruly thing. But find the soil and climate to balance its dark and tempestuous nature and you have the chance of making something truly beautiful.

The Wine
This deep plum-coloured wine has ripe blackcurrant opening notes that give way to welcome hints of cinnamon, clove and dark chocolate. With silky, smooth tannins contributing to a velvety finish, this is a wine that makes a genuinely lasting impression.

Music pairing – Habanera Bizet ( Carmen)

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flagstone-music-room-cabernet-sauvignonFlagstone Music Room Cabernet Sauvignon 2014
looking like an overdecorated Army General

The name of this Cabernet pays homage to Elsie Fraser-Munn, a talented music teacher and the grandmother of our founding winemaker, Bruce Jack. Both of these extraordinary individuals consistently put in the hours of patience and practice required to produce true works of art. Harnessing the powerful lessons he learnt? Inside Elsie’s music room, Bruce has created a complex, blockbuster with creamy-textured tannins and a serious palate, weight balanced by naturally soft acidity.

The Wine
On the nose blueberry, cassis, and ripe black plum mix with cool cedar whiffs and a hint of basil – all wrapped up in toasty oak. Luxurious deep-pile velvet fruit with mint-sprigged red berries and Christmas fruitcake. Pairs well with a rack of Karoo lamb and pan-wilted garden fresh spinach.

Music Pairing – Bach Air on a G String

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flagstone-writers-block-pinotageFlagstone Writer’s Block Pinotage 2015

When we first produced this high intensity Pinotage, we were incredibly proud that it was from a single vineyard. Lamentably, regulations prevented us from delineating a single vineyard on our bottle messaging so we began working through the official channels to solve the problem. In the interim, we got creative and managed to get the word “block” approved for use – the first time the term had ever appeared on a South African wine label. Writer’s Block is an apt name because we really do love a good story here at Flagstone…and we find that when inspiration is running low, a few glasses of this velvety Pinotage will get the words flowing again with consummate ease.

The Wine
On the palate, the wine is ripe and generous with a core of blackberry, preserved plum and youngberry. These fruit characteristics are supported by subtle toasty oak, hints of white truffle, dark chocolate and thyme.

Music pairing – Juluka African Sky Blue

Read more about Flagstone and buy their wines online – CLICK HERE

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