A Bite of Latin America by Susie Chatz-Anderson. Take a trip to South America in your own kitchen….

A Bite of Latin AmericaA Bite of Latin America by Susie Chatz-Anderson

Diana Kennedy, now aged 93, first fascinated me about Mexican Cookery and introduced me to the totally different cuisine. As different as Chinese is from French. She is regarded as the person who introduced Mexican Cuisine to the USA with her book The Cuisines of Mexico. A Bite of Latin America by Susie Chatz-Anderson I hope will do the same for you.

Peru’s offering to the world is Ceviche, a citrus marinated raw fish dish, which I like to think that the large number of Japanese immigrants into Peru had something to do with it, though it is also attributed to Moorish peoples from Spain. And many others.

Susie Chatz-Anderson is a food explorer and is constantly on the search for new taste experiences. The book is divided into countries and each chapter takes you through a wonderful trip of that countries cuisine.  She says, “The origin of this book really lies in two things: my complete love of good food, and a decision taken by my husband and I – after many years of ‘normal’ life – to resign from our serious office jobs, put all our earthly possessions into storage and buy two tickets to travel the world in one year, starting with Mexico.”

The photography is excellent and the food vibrant, the scenic pages are so interesting and so different.

You can do it from your armchair, though don’t keep it there for too long – you’ll need to get it into your kitchen as soon as possible to start having some South American food fun.

I’ve read it. And my copy is now in the kitchen. Reach for the Ceviche!

ISBN 978098173742

Published by Human & Rousseau – www.nb.co.za