The Vineyards of Chateau de Sours

Situated high up on a commanding limestone plateau just to the south-west of Libourne and Pomerol and facing St. Emilion, Château de Sours has been producing extraordinarily good wine for over 200 years. Today, Chateau owner Martin Krajewski and his winemakers continue to blend the traditional rigour and craftsmanship of the region with a modern creative approach that produces some of Bordeaux’s most respected red and white wines, and is leading a renewed global interest in top class rosé.

Hospitality at Château de Sours comes with the same warmth and care that characterises their approach to wine. A stay at the Château taps you directly into the heart of the region’s history, culture and cuisine.

Chateau de Sours Rosé 2011

Showing all the benchmarks of a fine Bordeaux Rosé, Chateau de Sours Rosé 2011 is a lively cherry blossom pink in the glass.  When you put your nose on the edge, there are sensuous red berry fruit and candy floss aromas.  On the palate it is pure  Summer and strawberries and cream.  I was impressed  by the fullness of the flavour of the wine with its crisp almost crunchy acidity and the perfect long waning aftertaste.  Lovely end-of-Summer-day wine on its own and perfect with summery salads and smoked chicken and fish. Erhaps even cured meats like Parma Ham, Prosciutto or the well known Portuguese Pata Negra.  Perfect too with a rough country paté.

Very well priced, Chateau de Sours Rosé, and indeed the Blanc and Rouge, is available from Cuvée Classiques in Cape Town.  Jane Greenwood and John Newton are able to deliver wines anywhere in the country.