Glen Carlou Pinot Noir 2012

Pinot Noir has the unfortunate nickname of ‘The Heartbreak Grape’.  When it expresses its soils, climate and the hand of a fine winemaker, this thin skinned Burgundian grape has found a home in South Africa.

The Glen Carlou Pinot Noir 2012 proves that there is nothing ephemeral about this grape.  Great care is taken with the elevation in the cellar with fermentation taking place in open top stainless steel fermenting tanks with regular pump overs taking place three time a day to extract gently the aromas, flavours and soft tannins.  After pressing, the wine is matured in French 225L and 400L oak barrels for 11 months, 20% of them new, 30% second fill and 50% third fill.

Pinot Noir, small tightly packed bunches

It looks like
Packed under screw cap in a Burgundy shaped bottle with an elegant grey label. Translucent gem bright plum at the core which pales out to vioet garnet at the rim.

It smells like
Classical cherry berry fruit, and forest floor after rain whiffs.

It tastes like
Silken smooth palate filled, gentle soft tannins. Beautifully berried, evidence of mushroom. Slips gently into a magical aftertaste.

Carey Boucher Erasmus’s Roast Leg of Pork, Hanepoot Apples & Crispy Duck Fat Potatoes

It’s good with
Well chilled it is a great glass on its own, and also perfect with food.  Coq au Vin, Boeuf Bourguignon are dishes made with this wine, so it is able to stand up to some hearty food.  Great with vegetarian dishes.  Carey Boucher Erasmus’s Roast Leg of Pork, Hanepoot Apples & Crispy Duck Fat Potatoes is the perfect Sunday Roast lunch to go with this wine.  Click here for her recipe.

Carey Boucher-Erasmus

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