Perfect HideawaysPerfect Hideaways in South Africa by Paul Duncan

I met David and Helen Untiedt some years ago when part of a TV series in which I had a minor involvement was filmed in one of their houses up the West Coast. David and Helen run Perfect Hideaways, a company which has on its books some of the most beautiful, in architecture, in position and in style of décor perfect breakaway places – for a weekend or a couple of days.

They send out, usually once a week or so, the most beautifully constructed and very tempting emails telling you what’s available. My problem is I want to leave home immediately and go and stay somewhere on the coast, in the mountains or in the Karoo.

Paul-Duncan-HeroPaul Duncan

Now in their ultimate piece of cleverness, they link up with Mr Style himself, Paul Duncan. And his Africa Press. The result – Perfect Hideaways in South Africa, the book. The first imprint of Paul’s new publishing company, Africa Press. And it is beautiful. Just beautiful.

It’s a bit big for a stocking stuffer. We used to have pillow cases as children, so use one for this book.

Written by Paul Duncan and a team of writers, photography by some of South Africa’s best photographers, the book has a feel of quality about it. Pretty end papers of a map of the coast by Gustav Vermeulen. So, Mr Duncan, when’s the next book from Africa Press due? We need class, style and quality like this. I hope this one sells really well.

It is a stunner of a book. Filled with the most beautiful of places, some of which we know and some we don’t. I just feel all summery and ‘I should be on holiday’ as I read through the embarrassment of riches on offer.

It’s going to find a place in our home, not on the coffee table, but on my bedside table where   I can dip into it frequently to lift my spirits.

Perfect Hideaways in South Africa
Africa Press [an imprint of Paul Duncan Media]